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These Problems can be Solved. [Dec. 13th, 2011|06:16 pm]

I don't think I will finish this painting.

My six year old son is a genius. He solved the paradox of the chicken and the egg. He reasoned that the egg hatched both the ancestor of the chicken (the proto-chicken as it were) and the fully evolved chicken. Therefore the egg came first.

Alot of despair and angst pervades the blogosphere. The complaints alternate between "we are destroying each other" and "we are destroying the Earth." Agreed on both counts, but doesn't one problem solve the other? If we kill more humans there will be fewer left to ruin our planet. So yes, stop the wars and give affordable healthcare to everyone, but not until the numbers come down a bit.

Netflix instant recs: Peep Show, Party Down, Being John Malkovich, The Trip, You're Gonna Miss Me, Cowboy del Amor, Gangs of New York, Storyville: The Naked Dance, Marwencol, Arakimentari, I Love You Phillip Morris, Larry Sanders, Eight Miles High, Factotum, Hyperdrive, The Lady from Shanghai, Laurel & Hardy: Flying Deuces, Cold Souls, Patrice O'Neal: Elephant in the Room

Rest in peace, Patrice. You were a funny muthafucka.